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How to Deal with a Bad Housemate?

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Don’t let a bad housemate ruin your home. 4 actionable tips to deal with that nasty housemate.  Communal living has the potential of being truly awesome. It can literally mean living with your best mates 🙂  Just imagine: Pizza, beers and banter every night, wardrobe…


Best Cities for Millennials in the U.S.

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Numerous factors come into play when finding the best place to live, especially when jumpstarting a career or moving around as a young professional. Housing affordability, income growth, jobs, neighborhood amenities, transportation and weather all help determine your quality of life. But, most cities don’t…


Everything you need to know about a short term lease

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Unlease is a platform for renting rooms for 1-4 months in Oxford and London. We sat down with Jack Crewe, Unlease’s digital marketer to learn more about what having a short-term lease really entails. How does a short-term lease differ from a traditional lease? Time….


The University Cheat Sheet to Student Budgeting

| Personal Finance, University | No Comments

The University Cheat Sheet to Student Budgeting from Splittable   This student budget ‘cheat sheet’ is a tool to help students learn how to effectively budget during university. It provides actionable personal finance tips that students can take to save money. The tips included are…